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The Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (HAMFT) is a professional association consisting of marriage and family therapists, associates and students in the Greater Houston area.   

HAMFT is dedicated to promoting marriage and family therapy as a profession whose members are uniquely trained to provide systemic therapy to couples, families and individuals, and are equipped to offer a wide range of mental health services to a variety of groups and populations.

HAMFT's members are not only focused on providing the highest level of clinical service to their clients and to the community but are also dedicated to their own continued training and professional development as well as to the growth of the profession. This includes a commitment to increasing communication with the local membership and the community at large regarding issues relevant to marriage and family therapy as well as advocating for legislation that will strengthen and advance the practice of marriage and family therapy at both the state and national level.

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  • Coming soon July 2023!!

Beginning in July 2023, HAMFT will resume in-person presentations.

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